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Best Times to Post on Social Media – Free Tips in New Infographic

Let’s not lie. Timing is huge.

Some people have wondered if it really matters at what time social media posts are made. Just think about it – If you post an incredible piece of content, but no one’s there to read it, how much has it accomplished? Post at the wrong time and accomplish nothing. Post at the right time and you could grow your online presence by leaps and bounds. It’s especially important if you’re doing social media marketing.

The following infographic displays the best times to post on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and blogs:

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social media infographic when are the best times to post

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Best times to post on Facebook:

  • Best times – Weekdays from 6-8AM and 2-5PM

  • Worst times – 10PM-4AM

Best times to post on Twitter:

  • Best times – 1-3PM, especially on weekends

  • Worst times – 8PM-8AM

Best times to post on Google+:

  • Best times – 9-11AM

  • Worst times – 6PM-7AM

Best times to post on LinkedIn:

  • Best times: 7-8:30AM, 5-6PM

  • Worst times – Monday and Friday, and 9AM-5PM

Best times to post on Pinterest:

  • Best times – Saturday morning, 2-4PM and 8-11PM

  • Worst times – 5-7PM and 1-7AM

Best times to post on Blogs:

  • Best times – Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 11AM

  • Worst times – 11PM-8AM

In order to reach the greatest number of people, choose carefully when you post on each social network that you’re on. Post at the right time and bump up your online presence to a high degree; post at the wrong time and you’ll fail to reach your audience.

But posting at the right time is not the one and only magical way to reach the masses. Also be sure to post content that is pleasing to those following you, post pictures that people will appreciate, as pictures typically perform better than text, use trending hashtags when possible, etc. All these things play a part in your effort to grow your audience and build your online reputation.

Happy posting!

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