The Infoceptiongraphic – Tips And Tricks On How To Make An Infographic

I see a trend rising, and I don’t think it’s a bad one at all.

Web designers and marketers are now, more than ever, seeing the importance of visuals – and not just visuals, but sleek, clean, and appealing visuals. More and more websites are not just there to display information, but also to display art. In the marketing industry, Google’s recent algorithm changes are forcing SEOers to focus more on engaging content. This means content strategies must also implement elements that appeal to readers more than just plain text.

Welcome the infographic.

Infographics capture attention for a reader in an incredible way that textual content can not. In fact, most people on the page will likely just gloss over this text and skip directly to the infographic below because text is so boring. Of course, that means they won’t even read this, so the joke’s on them! They don’t even know why we’re laughing.

Moving on now, let’s take a look at the Infoceptiongraphic and learn how to make an infographic:

infoceptiongraphic how to make an infographic

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There you go – a few tips and ideas to have in mind when you tackle an infographic project. But let’s nail down a few more pointers that I didn’t want to try to fit in the infoceptiongraphic:


  • Software – I recommend Adobe CC, specifically Illustrator and Photoshop. Inkscape and GIMP won’t cut it if you really mean business, unfortunately.

  • Design – Know the overall style you’re shooting for, whether that be a skeuomorphic design or a flat theme.

  • Limit text – The whole point here is to make things more visual and less textual because people hate text. Well, not really, but basically. As a general rule, the more info you can turn into graphics, the better.

  • Be creative – ‘Nough said.

There’s my thoughts and tips on how to make an infographic. I know this wasn’t an Illustrator tutorial, so if that’s what you were hoping for, comment below. If people want me to do an Illustrator tutorial on this stuff, I’ll do it!

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